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Reddit is a place I spend a lot of time. The amount of fun, funny, scary and informative media on there is astonishing. It’s way of organizing all of that – essentially what is micro forums – is also one of the reasons I frequent the site.

It’s EASY to browse things by category and endlessly entertain myself, which by my estimation is what “Communities” on Steem brings to Steemit. Hopefully, as Communities leaves beta, this feature will migrate to the other Steem interfaces like @steempeak and!

That said, I want to spend more time on Steem and less on Reddit. However, I want Steem to be a bit more like Reddit. My compromise? I have recreated some of my favorite forums on Reddit here as Steem Communities!

Boy, have I created a lot of Communities. Not all of them have the rules set up and I will eventually need help moderating them if anyone is interested. I’m willing to revenue share if that helps. For now, I’ll do my best to moderate them going forward and will flesh out the various rules I think they need as they develop. There also isn’t any content in quite a few of them. I’ve just been building out the communities for the last day in preparation to do so.

Without further ado, here they are (links are in their respective descriptions).


This probably doesn’t need much explanation if you’ve been following me. The Tear Community is for all things regarding The Tear, my short film and cinematic universe. All further posts will be included in that community.


The Movies Community is for all things movies! News, reviews, gossip, Netflix n’ Chill, new releases, classics, etc!

It’s one of my favorite Reddit forums, for obvious reasons, and it is distinct from the Filmmakers Community that I’ve set up in that it’s for fans and consumers of movies as well as for those who create them.

It’s supposed to be fun and less oriented towards the craft of filmmaking.


What can I say? I’m a huge fan of horror. Duh.

The Horror Community is for the horror genre in general. Movies, games, books and short stories! All mediums are welcome so long as they’re terrifying and not self published. That’s what the Scary Stories Community is all about.


Another genre I’m a huge fan of is Science Fiction. Just like the Horror Community, all manner of mediums are okay to post and discuss the genre of sci-fi. So, if you’ve got some sweet sci-fi you want to share with us or discuss, post it in The Science Fiction Community The Science Fiction Community!!


For the lover of Lovecraft and all things cosmic horror. For the stories that aren’t science fiction or horror, but both, post here! It’s a genre that has fascinated me my whole life and is the primary inspiration behind The Tear. For the existential dread, the tentacles and the insignificance of humanity as compared to the cosmos, come to The Lovecraft Community!


Straight forward and simple. If you love short films, post and discuss them here. If you make shorts, do the same and share your work with the Steem community through The Short Films Community!


This phrasing is of my own creation. On my site Distant Signal I track a few blockchains – and the price of their tokens – that deal exclusively with media. Any chain that manages social media, the visual or audible mediums is what I refer to as a “Media Chain”. I think it’s important to see them as distinct from the more traditional blockchains and this is how I refer to them. So, if you want to share something about Steem, Flixxo, LBRY, Crea, et al, then post to The Media Chains Community.


I live and work in The City of Angels, and frequently use the SubReddit /r/LosAngeles to stay up to date on things. As Steem grows, I really hope that the people of LA can find a use for a community like this. So, if you wanna complain about traffic on The 10, alert everyone to your favorite street vendor or share an LA sunset, you can it in The Los Angeles Community.


I know this seems like it’s out of left field, but I have been working on a secret, 3D Print project for seven or eight months now. I am inspired by the Maker Community and their creative endeavors. I also love how 3D printing is being used by the likes of the firearms community to innovate in their garage in ways the creators of the weapon could have never imagined. From toys, tools, complete houses and to the production of Arms, 3D printing is an industry that I’m keeping my eye on. So if you’re a 3D printing enthusiast and / or want to share something interesting regarding 3D Printing, share it in The Printing 3D Community.


I’m not a huge fan of all retro or vintage media, but I am a massive fan of Sony’s MiniDisc. If I could lock myself away in a room, gobble up the more obscure Hi-MD format and make mixes all day, I would. In fact, the MiniDisc plays a major in my short film The Tear and is what gave rise to this community.

That said, if you’re into vinyl, cassette tape, MiniDisc, or the aesthetic therein – like Vaporwave and Cyberpunk – feel free to post and discuss such anachronisms in The Retro Media Community.


When I made my Milkshake webseries, I had no idea the genre would explode like it has. There are probably dozens or hundreds of them out there by now. This isn’t about Vlogs. Posting a vlog will get you muted in the community. This is about fictional or documentary web series that are self released on video platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, @dtube or @threespeak. So, if you have a webseries you’d like to share and talk about, use The Webseries Community!


Another favorite SubReddit is /r/Creepy. This isn’t about scary stories, but more… images that walk the edge of the Uncanny Valley. Things that we find that for primal reasons make us feel uneasy. Like a Teddy Bear with human teeth, or a robot that looks just a little too human. Share those images and spread The Creep on The Creepy Community.


Finally, we have Scary Stories. I have sat up many nights scaring myself with tales of close calls in bad neighborhoods or mysterious cargo containers in the middle of the Australian desert in the SubReddit /r/nosleep. Generally, the rule is that the stories can be either factual or fictional, but you have to declare which one. If they’re real, a piece of supporting evidence is required to consider it’s veracity. So, if you have a personal story or a story from a friend you’d like to terrify us with, share it with us in The Scary Stories Community.

Alright, that’s it! If you have any suggestions for rules or want to help moderate any of these communities, please reach out.


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If you want to know who I am and what Distant Signal is, check this out. It’s sort of a manifesto. The TL;DR is that I’ve won an award for producing, make a lot of reality TV, live in LA and think that artist and media incentives are misaligned and serve large corporations and not independent artists.

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In 2019 the goal is to produce the short horror film, Changelings, the world of that story and to build a community of filmmakers that are enthusiastic about filmmaking and crypto currency.