Goodbye Steem. Hello Hive, Commercials and LBRY

I’m saying hello to Hive and goodbye from Steem. I’m also taking this opportunity to begin decentralizing how I serve my media with LBRY considering the circumstances. It seems like censorship is very popular nowadays. From YouTube to Tron, the walls are closing in on the effort to keep media more free through decentralization. To do that I need to actually use that technology in a lot more.

From here out, I’ll be sharing my videos and films via LBRY and not just archiving them on the platform. I have to reduce my dependence on YouTube, just like the Steem community had to reduce our independence on Steemit.


With that, I’m going to re-release the Hive Commercials I’ve made here, but served from LBRY instead of YouTube. All future Hive promo spots will follow this distribution path and be posted here as well.

Each video on LBRY contains links to the original, Creative Commons media so you can source the same footage if you want to create your own.


Because I can’t make any money off of this series of commercials, I’m going to decline the payout simply edit this post and add to it as my collection grows. So bookmark this page for easy sharing.

Consider this a live blog.