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Now on the New DTube!

Howdy, folks! DTube might have finally become what I’ve always wanted it to be. Despite it not operating on the Steem blockchain, both the DTube and Steem blockchains are at least interoperable. While I’m still learning what that means in…

I Choose DSound as My Third Witness

I consider my choices for witnesses a crucial aspect of my membership here in the Steem community, which is one of the reasons I take so long to choose any. There are only 21 top slots and only about 135…

Changelings #52 – Sick As $%@#!!!!

I’m sick, but I was lucky enough to receive my first Litecoin donation from Steem user, @vincentnijman! Thanks! As soon as I’m better I’ll press on. VINCENT’S STEEM PAGE:https://steempeak.com/@vincentnijman DISTANT SIGNAL’S FORUMS!http://thesignalisstrong.com/forum/