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Milkshake brings all the boys to the yard… what?!

The first web series by Distant Signal, Phil Abatecola and Mark Gonzales is about to arrive! Following two, intrepid, Los Angelinos, the series follows two clueless friends as they search for the perfect milkshake. Along the way, they grow… but only a little bit.

We’re currently halfway through our season and will begin releasing sometime in the fall. Keep an eye out for clips, trailers and a book! In the mean time, check out some photos from set.

Irreplaceable Delayed, But Soon to Come!

Due to some pipeline issues, and quite literally the storm in Colorado that has flooded the entire state, Irreplaceable has indeed been delayed.  However, beginning with the Kindle on October 10th, Irreplaceable will gradually roll out across all the platforms.  iPad, Nook, Sony and Kobo.  You name it, we’ll be there soon.  In the meantime, take a peek at the finished artwork!



Distant Signal is proud to announce Irreplaceable, a crime novel written by Mark Gonzales.

Yearning for his dead wife and desperate to pay his father’s crushing medical bills, depressed and restless bounty hunter Alec McKey rushes into a plan he thinks will solve all of his problems. Rather than turn in his latest bounty, Ginger Birns, Alec chooses to help her sell the priceless microchip she has stolen from a corporate titan. The two are hunted by a matchless hit-man through the winding streets of Los Angeles who is less interested in obtaining what Ginger has stolen, than in recapturing his long lost thrill of the hunt.

Though Alec tells himself he is risking it all to score enough money to take care of his father, his true motivation is this fact — Ginger looks, sounds, and feels exactly like his dead wife. God, fate, or whatever he used to call it is finally giving him a second chance at the only future he could ever imagine… the one with his wife.

If Alec can keep Ginger safe for the next 72 hours he just might have everything he’s ever wanted.

Available now!  Click here to get it!


“Nestled in the extravagant hills of Hollywood, a hard boiled detective confronts a mysterious jewel thief to discover the whereabouts of the Halsey Diamond, and if he’s lucky, escape with his life.”

Recently distributed by and soon to be found on Roku and Xbox, Deceit production was completed November 2010.  Starring Toni Christopher, Nick Heaney and Ginger Pullman, Deceit is part of the resurgence of Film Noir within Los Angeles.

Cast and crew photos and further information can be found on it’s Facebook page.

The Chase

The genesis of the story arose out of several discussions with my co-director, James Crocket, and Bennett Cerf, my DP. Over the course of five months, all James and I did was argue, story board, argue, prepare, story board, produce, argue some more and save our money.

  • Directed by Phil Abatecola & James Crocket
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Director of Photography: Bennett Cerf
  • Run time: 1 min 24 sec.
  • Official Selection of AFI Dallas, Tel Aviv (Israel) Sci-Fi Film Fest and the Silverlake Film Festival